Window 1My EdPsychTech journey began when I was a young student, sitting alone in a deserted middle school library, coming to the realization that I loved to think. I later became fascinated by stories of one of the greatest thinkers to have ever lived: Albert Einstein. I dreamed of one day getting paid to sit at a desk, stare out the window, and think like he did.

Since then, I have often been accused of being a professional student, as if that is a bad thing. They didn’t know that what I am is a master student, and as a result, a natural teacher. My transition from one side of the classroom to the other was rather organic. And I have a unique ability to relate to my students because I see myself as one of them. I just happen to be a bit farther along in the process than they are.

In addition to being a professional student, I have also been accused of being a perpetual student, again, as if that is a bad thing. Indeed, I am a perpetual student, or as I like to call it, a lifelong learner. I have an undying, intense hunger for knowledge, like a thirsty sponge that can never seem to soak up enough information. I am constantly seeking out new things to learn, and better ways to learn them.

The path that I have taken has had many winding curves, but in the end, I ended up thinking about thinking, literally studying how people think and learn. And now, it is time for me to distribute some of my knowledge, both old and new. Whether you are a teacher who wants to develop your students’ self-directed learning skills or an instructor who wants to incorporate technology into your classroom, I am here to help you.



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